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The Butech Bliss Hydraulic Roller Leveler gives you the benefits of increased productivity, higher quality and reduced downtime. The combination of hydraulic back-up flight adjustment, the industry's only individually-driven work rolls and easily removed work roll cassettes is the key to delivering superior quality.

Butech Bliss's hydraulically-operated Roller Levelers do not require an expensive non-standard distribution box. Instead, Butech Bliss Roller Levelers use common, off-the-shelf lower horsepower motors and individual reducers. This exclusive feature provides inter-roll tension, greater energy efficiency and uptime redundancy while eliminating strip marking caused by slippage.

Stretch leveling is the optimal solution for processors seeking to grow market share in higher strength products, produce memory-free plates cut from hot rolled coils being cut to a specific length, and address spring-back associated with complicated laser cutting projects. Butech Bliss stretch levelers can help generate volume among existing and new customers seeking enhanced capacity and capability.

coil processing equipment builder


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The Butech Bliss Advantage

The Butech Bliss advantage begins with experienced engineers who use 3D Solid Modeling and Finite Element Analysis as part of everyday design. This blend of experience with the latest technological expertise is unique to Butech Bliss.

Another advantage is our 400,000 square feet of manufacturing facility, complete with 200-ton crane capacity and some of the largest machine tools in our industry. With in-house welding, stress relieving, machining and assembly, the complete project is under our control.

The most important advantage may be that Butech Bliss provides custom-built equipment to fit the circumstances, not standard designs that may not be the best solution for your particular application. The Butech Bliss advantage means equipment designed to maximize your return on investment through longer life, less need for maintenance and higher productivity than most others can offer.



coil processing equipment builder


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