“Our customer base expanded with these capabilities,” says Feralloy’s Nagle.

High-Volume Steel Processor Realizes a Win-Win Situation by Installing Heavy-Gauge Stretcher Leveler

John Nagle, commercial manager for the Huger plant, says the new line possesses “amazing technology.” He’s referring, in part, to the Synergy Leveling System installed last September. Feralloy’s new line processes hot-rolled and hot-rolled pickled and oiled steel, grades 50 through 80, from coils up to 3⁄4-inch thick and up to 74 inches wide. Line speeds are variable, up to 150 feet per minute.
What sets the Butech Bliss line apart from other stretcher levelers is the independent work roll drive system and a proprietary roll configuration that extends the working gauge range of the leveler without requiring roll cassette changes or two separate levelers...
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steel processing equipment builder

Shown Here Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
At Butech Bliss Facility Located In Salem, Ohio

Butech Bliss Showcases New $1.3 Million Dollar Equipment Investment

Butech Bliss held a ribbon cutting ceremony for its new $1.3 million dollar machine this past November that represented the largest investment Butech Bliss has ever made in a completely new machine.  The Okuma Multus B550 is a multi-functional turning center, which combines the capabilities of a mill and lathe and can process parts up to 118 inches long and 32 inches in diameter.  John Buta, president, said the machine, which is capable of handling 9,000-lbs pieces, will open new markets for Butech Bliss and will operate more efficiently and at less cost than other machines doing the same work...
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Haynes International logo

Haynes International coil processing facility

Haynes International headquartered in Kokomo, Indiana also has 12 service centers globally

Haynes International Purchases New Equipment To Upgrade Cap Line

Haynes International has selected Butech Bliss to engineer, manufacture and install upgrades to convert their existing Butech Bliss push pull pickling line that was installed back in 1988 into a continuous anneal and pickling line. The upgrades will include adding an annealing furnace, kolene salt bath section, and a welder on the entry end of the existing push pull pickling line. Butech Bliss will also be providing the required strip processing equipment which includes the entry and exit accumulator towers and four sets of bridle rolls. Once the equipment upgrades are completed Haynes will have the ability to run the anneal and pickling line in a continuous mode or operate the pickling line...
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copper hearth

Copper Hearth

Restoration Of Copper Crucibles Proves To Be A Growing Business

If you’ve been in the Butech Bliss facility recently it’s likely that you’ve noticed copper being fabricated or machined. The copper-based melting equipment repair and replacement business has been steadily growing and gaining new customers. Butech Bliss has been able to utilize talents amongst our employees to service an industry that has sorely needed a reliable supplier over the last several years. The melting or “re-melting” of many specialty or exotic metals often takes place under controlled conditions inside of a water-cooled copper vessel. These vessels are typically a key part of melting systems known as VAR (Vacuum Arc Remelt), ESR (Electro-Slag Remelt), PAM (Plasma Arc Melting) and EBM (Electron Beam Melting)...
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Champagne Metals and Processing logo-coil processing lines

Roller Leveling Cut-To-Length Line processing aluminum strip

Line Capacity
.375" x 111" x 35,000 psi x 50,000 lb.

Recently Commissioned Champagne Metals 111" Aluminum Cut-To-Length Line

Champagne Metals, a leading aluminum service center based in Glenpool, Oklahoma, recently commissioned their new state-of-the-art 111 inch wide Cut-To-Length Line at its newly constructed Middlebury, Indiana facility. This line is one of the widest aluminum Cut-To-Length lines in North America and will satisfy the ever growing demand of aluminum material by the marine, commercial transportation, consumer electronics and appliances industries. The Cut-To-Length Line will feature entry equipment, over and under coil payoff capabilities, a hydraulic crop shear with auto-gap adjustment, side trimmer (up to 8” per side), scrap chopper, hydraulic roller cassette leveler and direct drive flying shear...
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Feralloy Corporation logo

Stretch Leveler Cut-To-Length line

Feralloy Purchases Stretch Leveler & Synergy® Hydraulic Roller Leveler

Feralloy has selected Butech Bliss to upgrade their existing cut-to-length line in Huger, South Carolina. The upgrades will include a Synergy® hydraulic roller leveler, equipped with hydraulic powered independent entry and exit roll settings, closed loop  system to compensate for machine deflection and enhanced operator friendly controls. The patent pending Butech Bliss stretch leveler features a 45 foot stretch bed and 1,850 tons of stretching force. The stretch leveler also is equipped with the Hawkeye™ Flatness Detection System...
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The Universal Steel Company logo

1 inch thick cut-to-length plate

Line Capacity
1" x 74" x 70,000 lb.

One Inch Plate No Problem For Butech Bliss Stretch Leveler

The stretch leveling cut-to-length line, dubbed, “The Memeory Eraser” recently underwent some exciting upgrades. As a result, the four year old Butech Bliss cut-to-length, originally rated to process .750” x 74” x 70,000 lb. hot-rolled, cold-rolled and coated carbon steels, is now processing 1” in. thick material flawlessly...
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Liberty Steel logo

Multi-Blanking line small

Line Capacity
.250" x 72" x 80,000 psi x 50,000 lb.

Liberty Steel Selects Butech Bliss To Build Multi-Blanking (Slitting) Line

They have selected us to engineer, design, manufacture and install a state-of-the-art multi-blanking line. The multi-blanking line will feature entry equipment, hydraulic crop shear, hydraulic roller leveler, slitter with interchangeable heads, looping pit and direct drive shear. Installation will take place...
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Steel Dynamics Incorporated logo

push pull pickle line for toll processing

Butech Bliss Selected To Build Steel Dynamics New Push Pull Pickling Line

Steel Dynamics, Inc.® has awarded Nelson Steel’s Technology Group and Butech Bliss contracts to provide equipment to upgrade the existing hot band finishing line at their Butler, Indiana facility. The upgrade will enable the line to convert hot bands to HRPO coils...
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Fulton County Processing logo

push pull pickle line

Line Capacity
.500" x 50" x 50,000 psi

.375" x 74" x 70,000 psi

Butech Bliss Selected To Build FCP’s New HCL Push Pull Pickling Line

Fulton County Processing, a state-of-the-art steel coil processing company, has announced the installation of a new hydrochloric push/pull pickling line set to be operational in early 2015. The $20 million project will require...
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