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About a Cut-to-length Line

What is the Cut-To-Length Line Process?

A Cut-to-length line will take a master coil of flat rolled steel from the integrated or mini mill and unroll, flatten and cut to length sections to a precise length and stack the sheets into a bundle. Equipment will vary according to the width, thickness and incoming coil weight. Depending on the final end product to be utilized from the cut sheet, flatness may be a critical point and use of a double leveler, skin pass or stretcher leveler may be employed into the process.
Let’s look at some of the different types of coil processing equipment available at Butech Bliss.

Step 1 | Roller-Leveling for a Cut-To-Length Line

Roller –Leveling Cut-to-length lines consists of coil car, peeler, hold down rolls, hydraulic roller leveler, crop shear and exit end pack stacking conveyors. The science of leveling metal strip has two main goals. The first is to make the metal's surface flat and ripple-free. The second is to neutralize hidden internal stresses that cause twist and bow in parts during secondary operations, such as stamping.
Leveling is achieved by precisely bending metal strip back and forth as it's passed through a series of small-diameter offset rolls. The gap between the rolls is set independently on a leveler's entry and exit. To level, deeply nest the entry rolls. This forces the material to pass through extreme angles to erase memory caused by trapped internal stresses. It's also called the plunge, a technique for removing strip memory.

Step 2 | Hot Rolling Mill

Hot rolling is a metalworking process in which metal is heated above the re-crystallization temperature to re-shape and deform it in during the rolling operation.

The Hot Rolling process is used to produce rolled steel, slab or bar steel with the desired geometrical dimensions and material properties while maintaining the same volume of metal. The hot metal is pushed between two rolls to flatten it, lengthen it, reduce the cross-sectional area and obtain a uniform thickness throughout. Hot-rolled steel is the most common product of the hot rolling process, and is widely used in the metal industry either as an end product or as raw material for subsequent operations.
Butech Bliss has over 100 years of experience as a hot rolling mill manufacturer. We stand ready and waiting for your next custom project!

Step 3 | Flattening Metal Processes

Our flatteners can be from 3 to 7 rolls, reducing metal memory, smoothing imperfections, and working with the unique gauge of the metal to produce a flat thread-able product.

Step 4 | Shearing

Shears are used in various applications in the metals industry, whether in the hot rolling mills, cold rolling mills, Process lines, or in steel service centers. Shears typically have a straight blade held in a cartridge and are used to cut the heads and tails of coils, or to cut the coil into measured sheets. Some of the types of shears used in the metals industry include high-speed rotary shears, drum shears, oscillating and flying shears.


Step 5 | Scrap Chopping and Side Trimmers

Our standard and turret style side trimmers include innovative features, such as fixed knife positioning and powered knife lap and gap adjustment to reduce downtime. Butech Bliss side trimmers and scrap choppers are never picked off the shelf and sold as is, as with all of our metal forming machinery, products are engineered to your exact specifications.

Our choppers automatically process borderline edge trim into manageable piece lengths, for any material gauge. When coupled with our side trimmer technology, your edge trim results and edge scrap handling operations will be second to none.

Chopped scrap is easier to handle and store than wound scrap balls, opening up valuable floor space and reducing downtime. Scrap dealers are typically willing to pay a significant premium for chopped scrap as opposed to wound scrap due to it's ease of transportation. Sometimes as much as 15-20% more per ton above the price of wound scrap.
See our mill duty scrap choppers in action for cut-to-length lines, push-pull pickling lines, and galvanizing lines.

Step 6 | Extrusion and Forging Options

Forging combines heat and pressure to shape a wide variety of metals, and no equipment takes a bigger beating than your extrusion presses..
Butech Bliss never offers an "off the shelf" option that might not work for your extrusion and forging facility needs. Our modern approach to servicing Extrusion and Forging Equipment keeps your equipment running longer and producing more.

steel forging

Learn more about our products and services for the steel forging industry.

Step 7 | Material Handling for Cut-to-length Lines

Butech Bliss's scissored lift tables discharge the packs of material and discharge them onto the conveyor. They feature a  built-in weigh system to provide certified weight while you unload your product. Imagine the time you save while loading and weighing in one step!

Butech Bliss designs and builds several custom material handling solutions such as scissor lift low profile transfer cars, L-shaped coil cars, direct-acting pit mounted coil cars, and cross-bay transfer cars. All of these transfer cars are available with multiple lift deck configurations and remote control capabilities.

Material handling options also include stacker lift tables, runout conveyors for sheet and plate, coil tilters, pack turnover devices, and just about any one-of-a-kind custom-designed piece of equipment your facility could ever need.


Step 8 | Streamlined Recipe Driven Menus

If you find that you'll be repeating processes with your cut-to-length line, programing a repetitive process into our recipe-driven menus allows you to streamline your processes for improved production. No extra time setting up your process means less down time and more output!

Our experienced engineers can coach your team on-site to set up the most efficient processes for your unique applications.

Why trust Butech Bliss as your Cut-to-length line suppliers?

Butech Bliss is highly experienced in creating custom solutions for cut-to-length line for metals industries across the world. Our products are engineered with care by our highly trained experts to be perfect for the job you need to get done. Investing in a cut-to-length line from us is the right move so your facility can improve production, decrease downtime and produce a high quantity, and a higher quality yield during all your coil processing.

What can we do for you today?  We have a complete line of equipment spare partsengineering servicesequipment rebuild service and on-site field service.

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