New Patent Pending Closed Loop Technology Developed By Our Butech Bliss Team

Our Butech Bliss team has created a closed loop leveler control system that automatically monitors the quality of the flatness of the strip and automatically sets the leveler accordingly, eliminating human error. There are existing automatic closed loop control levelers out on the market, all of which have specific limitations, such as price, inability to accommodate strip tension or distinguish between shape and strip fluctuation. Another problem is the flatness sensors are difficult to maintain requiring lengthy outages resulting in loss of production.

Our sensing system has the ability to measure flatness over a much wider range of strip thickness and width combinations. Another benefit is the ease of maintenance of both the force measurement and the distance measurement sensors used in the overall sensing system. Self-monitoring of the load cells and automatic repositioning of the flatness measuring system help prevent overload of the force sensors. The flatness controller handles the switch over from force sensing to distance sensing based on strip parameters and does not require operator intervention.

The multiple sensing technologies which cover the range of strip thickness and yield strength combinations, allows the leveler to operate in an automatic closed loop mode for its entire working range, unlike the current systems out in the market place.

The Butech Bliss employees who developed this new system include Jay Cuff, Nate Gamble, Tony Latham and Ed Orzel.