Butech Bliss Showcases New $1.3 Million Dollar Equipment Investment

Butech Bliss held a ribbon cutting ceremony for its new $1.3 million dollar machine this past November that represented the largest investment Butech Bliss has ever made in a completely new machine.

The Okuma Multus B550 is a multi-functional turning center, which combines the capabilities of a mill and lathe and can process parts up to 118 inches long and 32 inches in diameter.

John Buta, president, said the machine, which is capable of handling 9,000-lbs pieces, will open new markets for Butech Bliss and will operate more efficiently and at less cost than other machines doing the same work.

It will give Butech Bliss the ability to machine a wide array of parts in one operation that currently require several machines and multiple start-ups. For many parts, it will take a process that takes weeks to complete through the machine shop and shorten that to less than a day. It will truly be a “game changing” machine for Butech Bliss’ machine shop.

The Okuma, is the largest and most capable machine of its type in Northeast Ohio.  It was chosen after an extensive evaluation of the top brands for this style of machine. Butech Bliss is confident it purchased the most robust, capable, and feature-rich machine available on the market. This investment shows Butech’s continued commitment to deliver parts with a quicker turn around for our customers.