Multi-Blanking Lines

Multi-Blanking Cut-To-Length line

Small accurate blanks can be produced by slitting the width and then cutting the length in a cut-to-length line and perfect cut-to-length coil lines. When they are combined in the same line Multi-blanking is born. Floor space is less but more importantly response time to customers is minimal because you can produce many high-quality blanks in a small amount of time.

Butech Bliss multi-blanking lines have the slitter located directly after the leveler and ahead of the looping pit. This strategy means the slit mults can spread out ahead of the shear and stacker. This feature produces results such as locating the side trim scrap chopper to be in an accessible area, (before the pit), and the stacker is robustly designed and maintenance-free.

Multi-blanking requires feeding of the slit mults through a shear either onto a belt run out table if the inspection is desired or feeding the mults through the shear directly into the stacker.

Butech Bliss Blanking Advantages:

  • Minimizes induced cross bow
  • Improved slit cut edge quality
  • Improved shear cut quality
  • Improved blank flatness

Our hydraulic levelers or our optional Synergy® levelers are designed to remove flat rolled strip shape defects such as coil set, crossbow, edge wave, center buckle, and twist. An enhanced menu driven operator interface allows simple graphical controls and a recipe system for quickly saving and recalling the best shape correction settings for a particular product like our cut to length lines and services. This HMI based control package is both intuitive and operator friendly. Our optional Synergy® leveler features two work roll sizes in one machine, individual drives, and a quick-change cartridge system. Both leveler types include an innovative feature for work roll and back up roll removal to assure quick and easy maintenance, as well as a zero-nesting feature that provides automatic self-calibration assuring quick and accurate leveling and repeatability with each work roll change. Additional features include a quick-change cassette system and a self-contained scale collection system for hot-rolled steel applications. The slitter technology available encompasses a wide variety from one fixed arbor and one jack moveable arbor to the super precision double eccentric type locating the slitter in the line so that it can run at a constant speed improves both knife life and cut edge quality. The slitter heads are quick change type with offline set-up stations. This location also means no chance of inducing camber as the mult “fan out” is under no tension in the pit. Butech Bliss is the best resource for cut-to-length lines and metal forming solutions.



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