Haynes International Purchases New Equipment To Upgrade Cap Line

Haynes International has selected Butech Bliss to engineer, manufacture and install upgrades to convert their existing Butech Bliss push pull pickling line that was installed back in 1988 into a continuous anneal and pickling line. The upgrades will include adding an annealing furnace, kolene salt bath section, and a welder on the entry end of the existing push pull pickling line. Butech Bliss will also be providing the required strip processing equipment which includes the entry and exit accumulator towers and four sets of bridle rolls. Once the equipment upgrades are completed Haynes will have the ability to run the anneal and pickling line in a continuous mode or operate the pickling line in a stand alone mode. The line will be able to process super alloys from .040” to .160” thickness and up to 52” maximum width. Installation of the line upgrades will be completed in the third quarter of this year.

haynes-coil-processing-equipmentThis project is one of many between Haynes International and Butech Bliss. Haynes purchased our very first scrap chopper and over the years has purchased additional coil processing equipment from Butech Bliss. Haynes International has been an innovator in the metals industry for over 80 years and these upgrades and improvements reinforces their continued commitment to the markets they serve.

Haynes International coil processing facility