Scrap Choppers & Side Trimmers

Scrap Choppers

The world famous Butech Bliss scrap choppers have set the industry standard for high-quality reliability, low-maintenance scrap chopping, and metal trimming machines for more than 30 years. Our vast experience with multiple patents and proven state-of-the-art features put the Butech Bliss scrap chopper in a class of its own.

Currently, we have over 400 scrap chopper units in operation worldwide. Our scrap choppers include self-threading entry chutes, fully supported knife hubs, and custom-designed exit chutes. Every scrap chopper consists of two (2) width adjustable chopper heads. Each head has a set of opposed arbors with four (4) knives per arbor.

The knives and arbors are designed to provide a helical action cut across the scrap width which requires less horsepower per cut and at a guaranteed noise level of 85 dB or less. Each knife has four (4) usable cutting edges before a knife sharpening is required. Sharpening can be done on a simple surface grinder with no special jigs.

Knife changes can be accomplished quickly with no special skills required and, with our "shimless" knife design models, the factory set knife gap is maintained after sharpening with no knife shimming required. Our scrap choppers run at line speeds of over 3,000 feet per minute. Butech Bliss Scrap Choppers process all materials, including aluminum, carbon steel, stainless steel, silicon steel and high strength alloys.


Chopper Features:

  • Each knife has four cutting edges that require only a standard surface grinder for sharpening.
  • Cuts a full range of scrap thickness without the need to adjust knife gap.
  • Self-threading entry chutes eliminate threading time and provide safe scrap handling.
  • Helical cutting action is quiet (<85db) and results in longer knife life.
  • Quick change heads option provides trimmer head replacement in less than 10 minutes.
  • Uniformly chopped scrap brings higher scrap value.
  • Many models available with patented shimless knife design - no shims required after knife sharpening.

Knife Sharpening Services

Multiple grades of new scrap chopper knives in stock for same day delivery and we provide knife sharpening services!

Multiple Parts In Stock For Your Scrap Chopper, Side Trimmer, Leveler or Shear

Huge selection of replacement parts in stock and available for 24 hour delivery such as toggle clamps, shoe part inserts and wear plates!

Rebuild Services

We can completely overhaul your scrap chopper, side trimmer, or coil car in our shop or our field service technicians can service your machine on-site!

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Side Trimmer Features

side trimmers for coil processing lines

When your mill or service center demands robust side trimmers, you can count on Butech Bliss to build things better. As one of the only premier machinery equipment builders remaining in the United
States, Butech Bliss has built its reputation as the go-to company for the highest quality side trimmers and scrap choppers.
Our standard and turret style side trimmers include outstanding features, such as fixed knife positioning and powered knife lap and gap adjustment to reduce downtime. Butech Bliss side trimmers feature a variety of additional benefits that make your job easier and operations more reliable, including:

Side Trimmer Features:

  • Straightforward machine design featuring a fixed top arbor combined with a movable bottom arbor allowing for ease of maintenance, reliability and set-up repeatability
  • Driven and non-driven side trimmers providing greater design simplicity
  • Simple “toe” adjustment mechanism
  • Fixed knife position (shimless knives minimize downtime)
  • Closed loop control positioning available
  • No thread protectors needed
  • Housing and frameworks are rigid-welded steel fabrications that allow tight tolerances on critical components
  • Optional Dynamic Width Control (DWC) system gives you the ability to adjust material widths on the fly

The Butech Bliss line of side trimmer models complements our wide selection of coil processing equipment. When coupled with our world renowned scrap chopper technology, your edge trim results and edge scrap handling operations will be second to none.

When Butech Bliss scrap choppers and side trimmers are deployed together, mills and coil processors can be assured they are getting the absolute best edge trimming solution for their line operations. Whether it is for aluminum, carbon steel, stainless steel, silicon steel or high strength alloys, our side trimmer and scrap chopper technologies are unequaled in the industry.

Coil Processing Equipment BuilderWhat can we do for you today?  We have a complete line of equipment spare parts, engineering services, equipment rebuild service and on-site field service.

Knife Sharpening Services | Keep your Equipment Performing for Life

Huge selection of replacement parts in stock and available for 24 hour delivery such as toggle clamps,
shoe part inserts and wear plates!

For more information contact us at [email protected]