Copper Based Melting Equipment


When it comes to manufacturing, repairing, and reconditioning of crucibles, molds and hearths for your ESR, VAR, EBM or PAM applications, we draw on our more than 130 years of design, engineering, and manufacturing excellence to ensure your copper melting equipment is returned to service faster and better.

Every minute is critical for your facility’s operations. You need fast and accurate turnaround on your remelting equipment repairs. So, if it seems like your repairs are taking too much time, you can depend on the Butech Bliss team to deliver a rapid response to your needs.

Our staff of expert millwrights, welders and machinists can tear down, assess, repair and test your valuable copper melting equipment. Additionally, our manufacturing capabilities are fully supported by our world-renowned engineering staff.


Our services include:

  • Machining, welding, straightening and sizing of stainless steel, copper, nickel, aluminum bronze and carbon steel
  • Preventative maintenance, including cleaning, re-sizing, straightening and seal replacement
  • Resizing crucibles
  • New mold sizes for custom melting applications

For top producers in the titanium, aerospace alloys, and exotic alloys markets, Butech Bliss is the preferred answer for copper vessel repair.

Our extensive knowledge in mill and metals processing has enabled us to solve the most difficult repair challenges. We are focused on technological excellence and use the latest advancements in finite element analysis and on-site troubleshooting to optimize repairs.

Our vessel repair services also include a:

  • Sizing press with expanding mandrel
  • Straightening press
  • Dedicated repair & manufacturing center
  • Dedicated engineering support
  • Freight/transport capabilities including an active rail spur
  • Quality control procedure to prevent Tungsten contamination
  • Radiographic and hydrostatic testing


Coil Processing Equipment BuilderWhat can we do for you today?  We have a complete line of equipment spare parts, engineering services, equipment rebuild service and on-site field service.