Temper Mill Cut-To-Length-Lines

temper mill cut-to-length lineThe Butech Bliss 2 Hi or 4 Hi temper mill solution uses the world famous Bliss technology supplied to mills throughout the world. The temper mill solution is the ultimate when stress equalized and surface improvement or high productivity is required. A temper mill line is a high production line with a rotary or flying shear. The stacking system is designed to accommodate sheet or plate on the fly. The temper mill line includes levelers located after the mill for further shape correction. When compared to the other cut-to-length lines, the productivity is unequaled. The Butech Bliss temper mill features a hydraulic roll force cylinder that is the industry standard. With more than 60 temper mills in our history, why not let Butech Bliss be your mill provider.

Application: Cut-To-Length lines or standalone Temper Mill
Shape Improvement: 800 to 1000 I-units
Coil Memory: Temper mill elongations and mill compressive forces produce equalized stresses top and bottom to produce a stable product for downstream processing; the leveler(s) extend portions of the material to further improve shape; the material remains stable during burning, welding or forming
Attributes: The temper mill will improve flatness, provide a means to change surface finish and modify the metallurgical properties of the material; leveler(s) remove coil set, cross bow, wavy edges and buckles; mill requires higher initial investment and long-term operating costs when compared to alternate technologies
Use: Basic and difficult laser/plasma-cutting operations and welding applications


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