Crop & Mechanical Direct Drive Metal Shears

A Cut Above The Rest

Butech Bliss offers a full line of robustly designed, manufactured and assembled shears including the efficient hydraulic crop shear and the high speed mechanical direct drive shear, both of which are used in start/stop applications, requiring the strip travel to be stopped during shearing.  Butech Bliss also offers high speed rotary shears, drum style shears, and various oscillating and flying shears for strip cutting “on the fly”, without requiring the stoppage of the strip travel during the shear cut.

Butech Bliss also builds the electromechanical for applications where faster cutting speeds are required in high production applications. Most of our shear styles come standard with Butech Bliss’ patented "Auto Gap Control" device which ensures optimum knife blade clearance on every cut without operator adjustment, regardless of gauge. This device requires no electrical controls, is virtually maintenance-free, provides a high quality cut edge and maximizes knife life.  All of our shears are available with various optional items such as pinch rolls, tail pushers, sample collectors, quick change knife systems…to better suit your specific application.

Our Team Builds Shears Better

Our company is one of the few equipment builders supplying equipment to the metals industries that has an in-house, dedicated engineering workforce with mechanical, electrical, and control departments as well as an in-house field service department with 24 hour availability and a dedicated spare parts department. Butech Bliss also has a fully staffed 400,000 sq. foot manufacturing facility with over 90 machining centers, welding, stress relieving, assembly, paint, wiring, testing, quality control and shipping departments.

Processors from around the world depend on Butech Bliss to build things better, including providing the industry-leading shear technology designed to help processors drive uptime and line performance. Our comprehensive suite of shears are designed for consistent performance and include special features, such as:

  • Exclusive, patented mechanical auto knife gap system that adjusts knife gap without operator or control interface
  • Significantly improved knife life
  • Kick-out rolls, tail pushers, sample trays, and hole punches
  • Easy knife cartridge removal systems
  • Complete on screen diagnostics for easy operation and setup

Some of our custom-built shears include 24-foot wide plate shear, direct-drive shear with the ability to cut 1-inch thick material, and notching shear. These are just a few examples of the innovative solutions we have delivered to our customers over our 130 years.

Industries we Serve | Crop Shear Manufacturers

All of our Coil processing equipment products and crop shears, are trusted among several different industries where the best equipment really needs to perform. Butech Bliss leads the way in building better solutions for a wide variety of industries.

If your facility needs better forging equipment, material handling equipment, cut-to-length and slitting line equipment, we have the capabilities and experience to build your equipment custom to your exact specifications. 

Coil Processing Equipment BuilderWhat can we do for you today?  We have a complete line of equipment spare parts, engineering services, equipment rebuild service and on-site field service.