Slitting Lines

Slitting Line

At Butech Bliss our success over the past 135 years has been solely based on our ability to deliver innovative solutions that keep our customers on the leading edge of technology.  Our cut-to-length lines and slitting products are designed to process ferrous and non-ferrous metals. High efficiency, reliability, and optimal productivity are engineered into every aspect of our equipment.

Butech Bliss has a history of going from a first-time product provider to a technology leader in a truly short time.  The products we add to our portfolio are quickly regarded as the best in the industry and the standard to which our competition strives to match. This experience and drive make our progression into slitting lines a natural next step. Our large team of mechanical, hydraulic, and electrical engineers are continuously refining and upgrading our equipment designs to keep us the leader in performance and reliability. Giving our customers the best possible ROI for both the short and long term.

Slitting Solutions

As a premium supplier of complete slitting lines, Butech Bliss prides itself on improving traditional designs by providing innovative solutions to the traditional production tasks and hazards that have existed historically. Butech Bliss provides patented solutions that enable this efficiency while also pushing the boundaries of what was previously considered to be unachievable on a slitting line. A case in point is our patented notching unit ahead of the slitter. This takes a technique that has been in practice for a long time but greatly improves it, virtually eliminating operator interaction with the strip and reducing the time it takes to thread the line.

Reliability and Uptime Features

We recognize the need for equipment to be reliable, especially through our years of experience designing equipment for hot mills, cut-to-length coil lines, cold mills, and push pull pickle lines. The reliability of our equipment results from not only the mill-duty robustness and utilization of proven technology but also through our control systems that monitor crucial aspects of the equipment to identify potential issues and routine maintenance requirements.  All these features combine to provide extended periods of uptime and ensure shorter periods of downtime. Butech Bliss has the solution for cut-to-length coil lines.


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