Cut-To-Length Line, Scrap Choppers, Rolling Mill Equipment


About Butech Bliss and our Cut-to-length line Equipment

Butech Bliss leads the industry with our coil processing cut-to-length line and slitting line equipment, rolling mill, extrusion and forging, scrap choppers and side trimmers, shears, material handling, and other state-of-the-art metal processing equipment. Since Butech and Bliss joined forces in the 1980s, we have been able to expand our facilities to offer 90 machining centers and we continue to invest in the best equipment available.

Butech Bliss is known around the world for its innovative, patented scrap chopper technology, and continually leveraging its comprehensive engineering services to ensure our customers can improve and enhance their daily production. Read our exclusive interview to learn more about our quality products and how we keep building cut-to-length line equipment better.

Better Results with our Coil Processing Technology for Cut-to-Length Line Products

Butech Bliss has over 135 years of experience designing, manufacturing and installing the highest quality Roller Leveling Cut-to-length coil lines internationally. Butech helps service centers and toll processors meet their unique applications all over the world. We strive to be the only stop you need to make for all your cut-to-length line machinery needs.

Our state-of-the-art technology is used to process hot and cold rolled carbon steel, stainless steel, and other non-ferrous metals applications. Butech Bliss strives to provide the highest quality solutions for coil processing and cut-to-length lines on the market today and we will keep pushing ourselves to improve for years to come.

Butech Bliss designs and builds Stretch Level Cut-to-length coil lines for every customer’s specific and oftentimes unique requirements. Whether you are looking for a discrete plate stretcher or a coil-to-sheet stretcher we have the engineering capabilities to meet and exceed your needs.

Rolling Mill Equipment Built for the Long Haul

Ferrous and non-ferrous producers around the world depend on our commitment to quality at Butech Bliss. We employ some of the most experienced engineering minds anywhere and offer both troubleshooting and engineering expertise. 

Competitors cannot touch the market niche Butech Bliss has developed providing custom-made solutions for our rolling mill equipment partners. With demand on the rise for highest strength steels, your customers will demand more too. Butech Bliss can provide equipment solutions for specialty alloys for everything from the automotive industry to the emerging sustainable energy markets requiring cut-to-length line equipment.

Butech Bliss has built Rolling Mills for just about every application over the course of our time in business, and we know we can help you give your customers what they really need. With our extensive experience as ferrous and non-ferrous rolling mill manufacturers, we are ready and waiting to perform services for:

  • Hot Rolling Mill Equipment
  • Single-Stand Cold Reduction Mills
  • Multi-Stand Cold Reduction Mills
  • Temper or Skin Pass Mills (in-line or reel to reel)
  • All auxiliary coil handling and mill threading equipment
  • All auxiliary support systems

Included in Typical Mill Modernization

  • Hydraulic Roll Force Upgrades
  • Automatic Gauge Control Systems
  • Closed loop shape control
  • Increase mill power
  • Increase mill speed
  • Quick work roll change systems
  • Redesigned entry and exit guides
  • Hydraulic loopers (for hot finishing mills)
  • New material handling schemes

Rolling Mill Automation Services

  • Roll gap, gauge, and elongation control
  • Work roll bending control
  • Sequencing
  • Plant-wide interfacing
  • Data acquisition and statistical analysis

Connect with a sales representative so we can learn more about your unique needs and manufacture the right Rolling Mill Equipment and cut-to-length line equipment for the job at hand.

extrusion & forging equipment-press-upgrades-component-replacement-press-studies

Butech Bliss’s Advanced Technology Extrusion and Forging Equipment

Today’s modern extruders can always depend on Butech Bliss to provide the most advanced engineering, analysis, and custom consulting to ensure that their extrusion presses perform at the highest possible level and produce more. We have the utmost confidence that you will achieve exceptional results from Butech Bliss when you choose our extruding and forging equipment. We make sure our capabilities for the extrusion and forging markets are continually improving and keeping up with the highest standards.

When it comes time to repair or upgrade your extrusion operations, Butech Bliss is staffed with highly skilled field engineers who lead the effort to assess and analyze potential trouble spots and make recommendations for corrective action.

Our Forging Presses are built to last forever, but they do need attention from time to time to ensure they are performing at the optimal level. Butech Bliss keeps a comprehensive team standing by to ensure the press is modernized to meet today’s stringent manufacturing demands.

Butech Bliss has the resources to ensure your existing equipment never runs down – using the latest technologies such as solid model design and FEA analysis at our state-of-the-art fabrication facility.

World Famous Scrap Choppers and Side Trimmers

Butech Bliss scrap choppers are the industry standard for reliability and low maintenance. Our years of experience with multiple patents and proven state of the art features put the Butech Bliss scrap chopper at a level that our competition cannot beat. Currently, we have over 400 scrap chopper units in operation worldwide. 

When your mill or service center demands heavy-duty side trimmers, you can count on Butech Bliss to build the absolute best. As one of the only premier machinery equipment builders left in the United States, Butech Bliss has built its reputation as a top-of-the-line brand for quality side trimmers.

Our standard and turret style side trimmers include helpful features such as fixed knife positioning and powered knife lap and gap adjustment to reduce downtime and improve production. Butech Bliss side trimmers feature a variety of additional benefits that make the job easier and operations more reliable. Features include:

  • Straightforward machine design featuring a fixed top arbor combined with a movable bottom arbor allowing for ease of maintenance, reliability and set-up repeatability
  • Driven and non-driven side trimmers providing greater design simplicity
  • Simple “toe” adjustment mechanism
  • Fixed knife position (shimless knives minimize downtime)
  • Closed loop control positioning available
  • No thread protectors needed
  • Housing and frameworks are rigid-welded steel fabrications that allow tight tolerances on critical components
  • Optional Dynamic Width Control (DWC) system gives you the ability to adjust material widths on the fly

Cut-To-Length Line Coil Processing and Mill Leveling

Butech Bliss Stretch Levelers are designed to process multiple materials and material characteristics on the same Stretch Leveler. The machine uses an HMI based design as their control system portal that allows for easy setup changes and recipe driven menus to vary stretch, hold, and retract cycle times, stretch speeds and clamping pressures according to specific product requirements. Using a recipe driven menu allows you to control product consistency and improve production. The settings can be quickly recalled when repetitive runs of the same product are required, allowing you to set up your processes once and be ready to go.

Butech Bliss designs and builds a Stretch Leveler for every customer’s specific needs. Whether you are looking for a discrete plate stretcher or a coil-to-sheet stretcher we have the engineering capabilities to provide you with the best equipment in the industry. We’ve supplied over 150 Stretch Levelers for processing a wide variety of materials from aluminum plates for the aircraft industry, to extruded products, treadmill plates, hot-rolled, HRPO and cold rolled steels including low carbon and high strength steels(outbound).

Our stretchers include gripper heads specifically designed for each unique application since one size never fits all. Options include a replaceable, economically priced, commercially available gripper pad that allows changeover between various products without the need for extra downtime to clean or replace the gripper head assemblies. Stretchers may also include a metallic gripper, and some include interchangeable gripper heads so either type can be used in the same stretcher.

Butech Bliss also provides wedge-type grippers or direct-acting grippers. Both styles can operate at multiple pressure settings so adjustments can be made to prevent edge distortion when processing narrow light gauge product or surface marking when processing soft, coated materials like hot dipped galvanized steel. This eliminates the need to add shim plates on narrow product with a Butech Bliss Stretch Leveler. Our wedge style grippers are incredibly effective at preventing slippage while also avoiding the potential for edge distortion.

coil processing & mill shears

Butech Bliss Shears | A Cut Above

Processors depend on Butech Bliss to build the absolute best machinery and parts on a global level, including the industry-leading shear technology designed to help processors drive uptime and line performance. Our comprehensive suite of shears is designed for consistent performance and includes several special features, such as:

  • Exclusive, mechanical auto knife gap system that adjusts knife gap without operator or control interface
  • Significantly improved knife life
  • Kick-out rolls, tail pushers, sample trays, and hole punches
  • Easy knife cartridge removal systems
  • Complete on-screen diagnostics for easy operation and setup

Excellence in Material Handling | Coil Cars/Stacker Lift Tables/Runout Conveyors

Butech Bliss designs and builds material handling solutions like scissor lift low profile transfer cars, L-shaped coil cars, direct acting pit mounted coil cars and cross bay transfer cars, all available with multiple lift deck configurations and remote-control capabilities. 

Other products and helpful solutions include stacker lift tables, runout conveyors for sheet and plate, coil tilters, pack turnover devices and just about any one-of-a-kind custom designed piece of equipment.

Our comprehensive suite of material handling products include:

  • Coil Cars and Coil Transfer Cars with capacity up to 180,000 lb
  • Stacker Lift Tables with compact scissor lift design
  • Coil & Sheet Runout Conveyors
  • Coil Upenders
  • Upending Coil Cars
  • Multiple lift deck configurations
  • Self-contained on-board hydraulics and electrics
  • Custom-designed Material Handling Equipment to meet your specific requirements

Expert Manufacturing and Restoration of Copper Melting Equipment

When you’re looking to purchase, repair, or recondition your crucibles, molds and hearths for your ESR, VAR, EBM or PAM applications, Butech Bliss draws on more than 135 years of design, engineering and manufacturing excellence to ensure your copper melting equipment is returned to service with new and improved performance.

Every minute counts for your facility’s operations. You need fast and accurate turnaround on your remelting equipment repairs. When you can’t wait and need it done right the first time, you can depend on the Butech Bliss team to deliver a rapid response. Our staff of highly trained millwrights, welders and machinists can tear down, assess, repair, and test your valuable copper melting equipment quickly and precisely. We also provide custom manufacturing options through our experienced engineering team.

Our Spare Parts Team at your Service

Our dedicated team of experts are standing by and prepared for all surprises and contingencies, so your production lines continue to run seamlessly, and your uptime remains consistent. Butech Bliss is proud of our outstanding reputation for replacement parts, upgrades, repairs and assemblies, and we continue to earn that reputation daily. 

Butech Bliss Spare Parts Service Department Provides:

Talented Engineers Creating Solutions

The process at Butech Bliss always begins with listening to your specific cut-to-length line equipment wants and needs. We note your requirements, investigate material flow and building restrictions. As the project develops, our skilled engineering team works closely with our manufacturing center to make sure that all equipment is thoroughly tested to meet our precise quality standards. Additonally, Butech Bliss can provide line arrangements, placing the line into your building to accommodate material flow. Our engineering services available range from budgetary engineering studies to complete turnkey installation, and even hands-on equipment training.

Butech Bliss engineers are highly trained and well versed in Finite Element Analysis; a powerful tool used for solving complex stress situations. This assures that our team brings our customers a complete engineered solution. 3D solid modeling is another commonly used tool for our engineering team. This modern technology permits our engineers to create three dimensional virtual models and apply simulated motion to evaluate a product’s real world performance.