Roller Leveling Cut-To-Length Lines

cut-to-length line processing aluminum coil

Butech Bliss builds levelers for a wide range of applications.  The solution we propose for any given project depends upon customer’s requirements.  All our levelers include hydraulic flight adjustment and our self-calibrating feature.  We offer levelers with single work roll sizes, multiple cassette roller levelers with different roll sizes for use in one common housing and we offer our patented Synergy® Leveling System which combines two different work roll sizes in one cassette.  The Synergy® Leveling System broadens the product range of the leveler without requiring the operators to change from one cassette to another when certain cut-to-length line product ranges are being processed.

Most applications include individually driven work rolls which offer several advantages when compared to other drive systems for cut-to length lines.  These advantages include:

  • The ability to create inter-roll tension
  • The ability to continue running should a particular motor or gear reducer fail
  • Reduced spares inventory cost
  • Each roll is driven by a common fractional horsepower motor and gear reducer when compared to a single motor, reducer, and pinion arrangement

Application: Cut-To-Length lines, Multi-Blanking lines, and discrete sheet and plate levelers
Shape Improvement: 50 to 100 I-units dependent upon the incoming shape
Coil Memory: Levelers work the top and bottom half-thickness of the material such that shape improves and differential stresses are minimized.
Attributes: Removes coil set, cross bow, wavy edges, and buckles; critical surface product requires six-high configuration and may result in increased maintenance; high strength steels are a limiting design factor; does not provide surface conditioning capability.
Use: Basic laser/plasma operations





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