Stretch Leveling Cut-To-Length Lines

Stretch Leveler Cut-To-Length line

Butech Bliss designs and builds Stretch Level Cut-to-length lines for every customer’s specific and oftentimes unique requirements. Whether you are looking for a discrete plate stretcher or a coil-to-sheet stretcher we have the engineering capabilities to meet your needs. We’ve supplied over 150 Stretch Levelers for processing everything from aluminum plates for the aircraft industry,treadmill plates, hot rolled, HRPO and cold rolled steels including low carbon and high strength steels.

Our Stretch Leveling Cut-to-length Lines include gripper heads specifically designed for your application. Some include a replaceable, economically priced, commercially available gripper pad that allows changeover between various products without the need for downtime to clean or replace the gripper head assemblies.

Butech Bliss can provide wedge type grippers or direct acting grippers. Either style is capable of operating at multiple pressure settings so adjustments can be made to prevent edge distortion when processing narrow light gauge product or surface marking when processing soft, coated materials like hot dipped galvanized steel. No need to add shim plates on narrow product with a Butech Bliss Stretch Level Cut-to-length Line. Our wedge style grippers are especially effective at preventing slippage while also avoiding the potential for edge distortion.

Our Stretch Level Cut-to-length lines are designed to process multiple materials and material characteristics on the same line. The control system portal is an HMI based design that enables easy setup changes and recipe driven menus to vary stretch, hold and retract cycle times, stretch speeds and clamping pressures according to specific product requirements.  Recipe driven menus increase productivity and product consistency because the settings can be quickly recalled when repetitive runs of the same cut-to-length coil lines product are required.

When Butech Bliss’ Stretch Leveling Technology, Synergy® Leveling System, unique Brush Roll Scale Collection System and direct drive shear technology are combined, you know you have all the tools you’ll ever need to meet your customer’s requirements.

Application: Cut-To-Length lines (lines include a backed up, close center leveler(s) to correct surface-to-surface length differential defects and to pre-condition the material for stretch leveling)
Shape Improvement: 800 to 1000 I-units
Coil Memory: Stretch leveling changes the crystalline structure of the metal through the use of tension.  This change reduces internal stresses and the material remains flat when subjected to cutting operations such as laser or plasma cutting processes.
Attributes: Removes coil set, wavy edges and buckles; cannot change or improve surface characteristics; designed to process a wide range of products and material properties, including high-strength steels; low initial costs and low operating costs; some material width neck down does occur as a result of the stretching process.
Use: Basic and difficult laser/plasma cutting operations and welding applications; excellent for processing checkered floor plates.


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