Custom Engineering Services

Butech Bliss is a leading innovator providing equipment solutions, making our customers more productive and efficient. Our team of highly skilled engineers has more than 30 years of experience designing and manufacturing equipment solutions for the steel industry. From the earliest days of our company to the present, our equipment has been renowned for its reliability and toughness.

Creating Solutions

Butech Bliss begins the process with a discussion of your wants and needs. We listen to your requirements, investigate material flow and building restrictions. As part of our solution, Butech Bliss provides line arrangements, placing the line into your building to accommodate material flow. As the project develops, our skilled engineering team works closely with our manufacturing center to ensure that all equipment is thoroughly tested to meet our stringent quality standards. Our engineering services range from budgetary engineering studies to complete turnkey installation along with hands on equipment training.

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quote-introThey were the only company that could do what we wanted and build for us the equipment no one else has, so we could go after new markets.!!!quote-ending
Mike Champagne
President of Champagne Metals

 Finite Element Analysis

finite element analysis of mill housing for steel processing equipment

Butech Bliss engineers are well versed in Finite Element Analysis; a powerful tool used for solving complex stress situations.  This assures that our team brings a complete engineered solution to our customers.

3D Solid Modeling

solid-modeling-downcoiler013D solid modeling is yet another tool being used by our engineering team. This progressive technology permits our engineers to create three dimensional virtual models and apply simulated motion to predict real world performance.