Push Pull Pickle Lines

push pull pickle line

Butech Bliss/Samuel Nelson Technology push pull pickle lines provide the latest designs in coil processing equipment. Designed for years of rugged service in one of the most difficult environments, Butech Bliss provides proven designs for all coil processing requirements. Beginning with the entry coil handling equipment, designed for easy and efficient coil loading with both the peeler and the hold-down designed to minimize the time required to load a coil. Butech Bliss is the top choice for cut-to-length lines.

The crop shears feature automatic knife gap adjustment for long knife life and excellent cut edge. The entry flattener has a standard recipe system with stored recommendations for machine settings.

The process section is provided by Samuel Nelson Technology. They have designed and built over 82 complete process sections for a variety of pickling lines world-wide. Samuel Nelson Technology owns and operates a push-pull pickling line at its Canadian facility, this gives them a unique point of view as operators and designers/manufacturers. This makes Butech Bliss/Samuel Nelson Technology an ideal choice as a supplier of steel pickling equipment and cut-to-length lines.

The high-powered leveler (optional) for the exit end is designed to significantly improve strip shape. The Synergy® leveler features multiple diameter work rolls to process the wide gauge range of products which is typical for a push pull pickle line. The standard Synergy® leveler features individual work roll drives, hydraulic roll bending, and automatic self-calibration. The leveler can be removed from the line (optional) for maintenance. Butech Bliss provides unmatched quality for cut-to-length lines.

Samuel Nelson Technology’s new eco-friendly process “Turbo Tunnel” features savings on energy consumption, gas consumption, and oil consumption. This system reduces environmental emissions from the stack while increasing pickling speeds.  Learn more about Samuel Nelson Technology Process Sections.



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