Hydraulic Roller Levelers & Stretch Levelers

Hydraulic Roller Levelers

Reinventing leveling. Delivering the ultimate in flexibility and performance

The Butech Bliss Synergy® Leveling System is comprised of our independent work roll drive system and a patented roll configuration that extends the working gauge range of the leveler without requiring roll cassette changes or two separate levelers. This system utilizes fail-safe individual work roll drives. In the event of an unlikely failure of one or more work roll drive trains, the loss only marginally reduces leveler performance. This enables your line to continue operating so that maintenance can be performed at a time that won’t interfere with production requirements.Each work roll has its own dedicated motor and independent gear reduction, allowing each roll to load share and turn at the exact speed dictated by the leveler’s plunge setting. Pinion stand and split pinion stand levelers experience distribution box inefficiencies and drive shaft wind up problems. The Butech Bliss Synergy® Leveler does not use any type of locked together gearing, but instead uses commercially available lower horsepower motors and gear reducers. Butech Bliss is the INNOVATOR of this feature providing INTER-ROLL TENSION between ALL work rolls, greater leveling performance, higher availability and eliminates strip marking due to slippage.

The patented Synergy® Leveling System for our Stretch Leveler Equipment includes

The Butech Bliss Synergy® Leveler is designed to remove flat rolled strip shape defects such as coil set, crossbow, edge wave, center buckle and twist. An enhanced menu driven operator interface allows simple graphical controls and a recipe system for quickly saving and recalling the best shape correction settings for a particular product. This HMI based control package is both intuitive and operator friendly.

Our competitors cannot match these features: Two work roll sizes in one machine, individual drives and a quick change cartridge system. Butech Bliss levelers include an innovative feature for work roll and back up roll removal to assure quick and easy maintenance, as well as a zero nesting feature which provides automatic SELF-CALIBRATION assuring quick and accurate leveling REPEATABILITY with each work roll change.

  • Inter-Roll Tension - provides tension between every work roll
  • Independent entry/exit work roll bending
  • Proprietary Roll Configuration - covers up to 18:1 gauge range within a single leveler depending upon roll diameters selected
  • Independent Drive System - maximizes leveler availability and performance by eliminating wind up torque in driveshafts driven by only one or two motors
  • No Pinion Stands - eliminates drive train windup, no roll slippage, and strip marking
  • Optional scale collection system for hot rolled material
  • Self-calibration - assures quick and accurate leveling repeatability with each work roll change. Push button control with no gauge bars

Leveler Features

All Butech Bliss levelers are equipped with features such as hydraulic powered independent entry and exit roll settings, closed loop electrical systems for automatic work roll positioning to compensate for machine deflection, and operator friendly machine controls. The controls include easy touch screen operation, easy recall of previous settings for various materials processed, and a convenient leveler calibration set-up program that requires no gauging bars or operator intervention.

Roll Cartridge System

An injector system will facilitate changing the work roll cartridge. The upper and lower flights of back up rolls are also removed easily from the leveler for off-line inspection and maintenance purposes.

Scale Collection System

Butech Bliss has developed a Scale Collection System for use in our hydraulic roller levelers. The hot rolled scale that normally collects between back up flights is allowed to fall onto a collection device that transports the scale outside the leveler and deposits the scale in a scale container.

synergy hydraulic roller leveler for coil processing lines

synergy hydraulic roller leveler for coil processing lines

synergy hydraulic roller leveler for coil processing lines

Stretch Levelers

Not all stretch levelers are created equal. Butech Bliss draws upon its extensive experiences gained while working on past projects. We design and build a stretch leveler for every customer’s specific and oftentimes unique requirements. Whether you are looking for a discrete plate stretcher or a coil-to-sheet stretcher we have the engineering capabilities to meet your needs. We’ve supplied over 150 stretch levelers for processing everything from aluminum plates for the aircraft industry, to extruded products, treadmill plates, hot rolled, HRPO and cold rolled steels including low carbon and high strength steels. When Butech Bliss’ stretch leveling technology, Synergy® Leveling System, unique brush roll scale collection system and direct drive shear technology are combined, you know you have all the tools you’ll ever need to meet your customer’s requirements.

Advanced cutting processes like laser and plasma cutting lines are revolutionizing the way metals are manufactured and processed. Service centers play a key role in the successful processing of the material they provide to their customers, who require consistently flat and memory free steel in order to maximize productivity and prevent equipment damage on their laser and plasma cutting lines. Service centers rely on Butech Bliss to provide the stretch leveling technology and the auxiliary equipment they need to meet these challenging requirements.

Butech Bliss stretchers are designed to be low maintenance machines that are economical to operate and maintain. Butech Bliss stretchers are manufactured from heavy welded fabrications so there is no chance that unexpected lengthy delays will occur should a cast stretcher head fail. Additionally, bolted parts are held to a minimum and great care is taken in the design phase of each and every project to make sure bolted connections are accessible.

Butech Bliss stretchers are designed with only a handful of commercially available clamping cylinders unlike some stretch levelers that include in excess of 50 custom clamping cylinders in one head assembly. This feature alone minimizes the risk for downtime and the need to perform costly, time consuming repairs to correct hydraulic leaks related to cylinder packing failures. As an added preventative maintenance design feature, Butech Bliss stretchers further minimize the potential for leaks and related delays by minimizing the use of hydraulic hoses and field joints in stretcher leveler hydraulic piping systems.

Our stretchers include gripper heads specifically designed for your application. Some include a replaceable, economically priced, commercially available gripper pad that allows changeover between various products without the need for downtime to clean or replace the gripper head assemblies.

Butech Bliss can provide wedge type grippers or direct acting grippers. Either style is capable of operating at multiple pressure settings so adjustments can be made to prevent edge distortion when processing narrow light gauge product or surface marking when processing soft, coated materials like hot dipped galvanized steel. No need to add shim plates on narrow product with a Butech Bliss stretch leveler. Our wedge style grippers are especially effective at preventing slippage while also avoiding the potential for edge distortion because we utilize a larger surface area to grip the strip on this type of gripper.

Butech Bliss stretchers are designed to process multiple materials and material characteristics on the same stretch leveling machine. These versatile stretch leveling machines can even be designed to process both low carbon steels and high strength steels. The control system portal is an HMI based design that enables easy setup changes and recipe driven menus to vary stretch, hold and retract cycle times, stretch speeds and clamping pressures according to specific product requirements. Recipe driven menus increase productivity because the settings can be quickly recalled from previous coils.

Brush Roll Scale Collection System

brush-roll-scale-collection-systemIf you are a service center that roller levels or stretch levels hot-rolled material, then you are familiar with the problems associated with scale dust. Airborne scale dust can cause havoc on your coil processing equipment by clogging air filters on electrical cabinets, hydraulic air filter systems, and HVAC systems. Our Brush Roll Scale Collection System significantly reduces the amount of scale dust, saving you costly downtime and reducing added maintenance costs.

The Butech Bliss Brush Roll Scale Collection System unit consists of an enclosed chamber containing oscillating brush rollers that remove loose scale from the top and bottom surfaces of the material. Larger pieces of scale are diverted to a collection drum while airborne scale dust is collected by a self-contained vacuum system that diverts the dust through ductwork to a baghouse filter where the fine particulates are collected.

Hydraulic Plate Levelers

Plate mills seeking to remove shape defects, such as crossbow, edge wave and buckles, depend on rugged Butech Bliss hydraulically operated Plate Levelers.

Butech Bliss engineering specialists provide leading design technology for hydraulic activated plate levelers to help mills and manufacturers across cold, warm or hot applications to process a full range of materials more efficiently.

To ensure the highest quality standards, all Butech Bliss Plate Levelers are pre-assembled and tested at the company’s 400,000 square foot Technology Center in Salem, Ohio, prior to shipment to certify they perform at the optimal level so customers can maximize their operational objectives.

Top 10 reasons why customers choose Butech Bliss hydraulic Plate Levelers are:

  • Zero nested work roll stack providing quick and easy machine calibration with a high degree of repeatability
  • Roll cassette design means multiple roll size cassettes can increase the gauge range of a single leveler
  • Individually driven work rolls via an AC motor, planetary gear reducer and spindle arrangement
  • Drive motors, gear reducers and spindles are of the same design and size, mitigating the need to inventory large quantities of multiple types of spares, including distribution boxes
  • Automatic compensation for machine deflection resulting in superior shape correction and consistency
  • Comprehensive machine set-ups derived from the recipe menu or plate parameters
  • Monitoring of separating forces and protection against inadvertent excessive separating forces and excessive drive train torques
  • Advanced control technology, detailed diagnostic screens and PDI/PDO information exchange capability
  • Soft thread-up minimizes impact loading
  • Multiple passes processed without delay via instantaneous reverse entry and exit plunge set-ups

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