Butech Bliss Acquires 50,000 Square Foot Manufacturing Facility To Expand Operations

Salem, OH, September 29, 2020 - Butech Bliss announced the recent purchase of the manufacturing facility located at 240 Pennsylvania Avenue in Salem, OH.  The former operations of Solartec, Inc, and Columbus McKinnon Corporation, this 50,000 square foot space will add much needed room for growth to fill the company’s expanding manufacturing needs.  Its location right next door to Butech Bliss’ existing 440 Pennsylvania Avenue shop makes this a very natural fit for expansion.

Jock Buta, Executive Vice President of Butech Bliss, was enthusiastic about what this means for his company.  “This is going to be a great building for us and finally resolves problems with much needed manufacturing space.  We have big plans for the operations moving into this space.  Although there’s some uncertainty in the market due to the pandemic, we felt this was the right time to position our company with the building capacity for not just today’s workload, but where we expect to be in 3-5 years.”

Butech Bliss worked closely with the Sustainable Opportunity Development (SOD) Center to make the acquisition a reality.  The SOD Center’s Executive Director, Julie Needs, commented, “Butech Bliss is an excellent example of a local company whose growth needs were able to be solved from within the community, locking in future tax revenue for the city and providing well-paying jobs for Salem’s citizens.  This is one of the major focuses of the SOD Center, Salem’s own economic development organization.

Buta described how Butech Bliss had initially been pursuing property outside of the city, which would have required much more renovation and created management challenges due to the distance from their main operation.  When the focus shifted to the 240 Pennsylvania Avenue property, the SOD Center became instrumental in providing property and facility support, connecting business and property owners, and bringing in State resources.  “The SOD Center connected us with TeamNEO, JobsOhio’s northeast partner in economic development, and within weeks of the purchase offer, Butech Bliss was awarded a $100,000 grant toward building renovations“, stated Buta.

Buta believes the added floor space of the new building, combined with what will likely be several hundred thousand dollars of investment in renovations and equipment on top of the $1.25M purchase, will generate 10-20 new jobs over the next few years.  Butech Bliss expects to start moving significant operations into the new building toward the end of 2020, and has started the process of hiring skilled manufacturing employees that will be needed to support their growing operations.  Interested candidates for welding, machining, machine assembly, manufacturing engineering, and technical sales positions should apply at ButechBliss.com.