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For the past 135 years, the team at Butech Bliss has been focused on delivering innovative solutions and technology that allow our customers to perform as efficiently as possible. Both our slitting lines and cut-to-length coil lines are a testament to this innovation. These products are designed to process ferrous and non-ferrous metals with as much efficiency and productivity as possible.

Being a leading supplier of process lines means we’ve set higher standards for output and overall production. Take for instance our slitting lines where we improve upon traditional design by adding innovative features that push the boundaries of what was previously achievable in slitting line design. With equipment such as our patented notching unit ahead of the slitter. To achieve this, we took a traditional approach and improved it by virtually eliminating operator interaction with the strip. This reduces the time it takes to thread the line and improves overall efficiency moving technology towards a fully automatic steel coil slitting line.

How does a Butech Bliss slitting line improve your operations? First and foremost, you can trust in our years of experience designing equipment for hot, cold, PPPL and CTL applications. We engineer, design, and manufacture this equipment always with reliability and productivity in mind. The reliability of our equipment stems from our usage of cutting-edge technology, and through our control systems that monitor all the metrics that are crucial to every piece of equipment. By the time a piece of equipment is completed, you can trust that it has been tested for any and every possible issue. Our equipment solutions are sure to speed up and improve your operations so you can run the fastest and safest slitting line process possible.

We invite you to learn more about Butech Bliss and the company’s innovative products. If you have a specific question or looking for a slitting line price to cost out a capital project, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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Growth for Butech Bliss | An Innovator in Cut-to-Length Line Machinery

Butech Bliss Metal Cut-To-Length Line | Continual Growth For Salem, OH

It wasn't all that long ago, but previously Butech and Bliss were separate companies here in Salem, Ohio. Bliss was a steel equipment manufacturing company with a long heritage and reputation for building heavy-duty rolling mill equipment for ferrous and non-ferrous metal producers originating in Brooklyn, NY.  Their engineering and manufacturing facilities are among the best available in North America.

John Buta began the small company Butech with just a minor collection of scrap choppers, side trimmers, shears, and hydraulic roller levelers. The merger allowed the manufacturing facilities to expand to 2 facilities with over 75 machining centers and the highest quality metal cut-to-length line equipment on the market.

Expanding Our Manufacturing Space

Butech Bliss has yet another opportunity for expansion to the former Columbus McKinnon building at 240 Pennsylvania Ave. Which is great news for our company. The purchase of the 50,000-square-foot building provides a new location for our growing industrial rebuild operation while freeing up additional space at our main plant on Ellsworth Avenue.

This is also great news for the city of Salem. we'll be able to revitalize a building that’s been vacant for 18 months. We'll also be able to provide new local jobs while maintaining the 270 positions at our current cut-to-length line manufacturing facility.

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The Road to Triumph is Never Easy

The path to expansion wasn't a straight one as expected. The spring was difficult, the business gained ground over the summer and early fall to the point where the company is on pace to nearly matching the record sales Butech posted in 2019. With growth often comes challenges, and like most manufacturers, 2020 posed a plethora of challenges.

Butech Executive Vice President Jock Buta believes the expansion to the former Columbus McKinnon plant positions us for a bright future. Originally, our company had considered looking outside Salem to expand, but this decision would have brought its share of logistical challenges, Buta says. “Although there’s uncertainty in the market due to the pandemic, we felt this was the right time to position our company with the building capacity for not just today’s workload, but where we expect to be in three- to five years.”


Sharing Opportunity with Our City in the Metal Cut-To-Length Line Industry

With the help of TeamNEO, our expansion project was awarded a $100,000 JobsOhio revitalization grant that will be used to reconfigure the new space for our facility. Needs says the expansion should create 11 jobs and retain another 270 at Butech. It also gives us a chance to revitalize a property that’s been vacant since Columbus McKinnon moved operations out of state and vacated its Columbiana County locations a year and a half ago.

This put 80 Salem citizens out of work, fortunately, the SOD Center was able to help to connect most of them to new opportunities through job fairs and other employment networks, but the shutdown left a permanent mark. Butech Bliss strives to protect our role as a local company whose growth needs were able to be solved from within the community, locking in future tax revenue for the city and providing great jobs for the city of Salem, OH.

What This Means for Our Production Capabilities

Butech Bliss is the industry leader for cut-to-length line and metal processing equipment. With our highly skilled engineers, we are able to manufacture large complex equipment used in metal processing for several industries. While we've devoted most of our business to produce new equipment and coil processing lines, we also have success in reconditioning, rebuilding, and extending the life of used equipment.

We'll be able to design and optimize our space for continued growth in our operations, we'll be able to open up approximately 11 new positions and streamline operations for our current employees. Continuing to improve our abilities as we increase our sales while making a positive impact on the community that built us. There's no greater honor.

Looking for Opportunities with Butech Bliss?

If you're looking to get involved with our massive expansion, be sure to visit our careers page for any and all opportunities at our current or new facility. If your business could benefit from one of our perfectly manufactured cut-to-length lines or any of our other state-of-the-art metal processing products, make sure you contact our sales team so we can get to building better equipment for you.


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Butech Bliss | Over a Century of Experience Innovating Metal Cut-to-Length Line Equipment

Butech Bliss is highly experienced in creating custom solutions for metal cut-to-length line industries across the world. Our products are designed with care by our highly trained engineered to be exactly what you need to get the job done. Investing in a top-of-the-line cut-to-length line from Butech Bliss is the right move so your facility can improve production, decrease downtime and produce a high quantity, and a higher quality yield during all your coil processing.

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